Modesty for Men?

What’s up, y’all! Hi, I’m Genesis with The Culture Project and today we’re talking about men’s role in the modesty conversation. Let’s roll. It’s been said many times – “Why do I have dress a certain way, if guys
are the ones in the wrong for seeing women as sexual objects in the
first place? Shouldn’t men be the ones to get their act
together? I don’t want to change things about myself
for a guy. Now, the feisty Puerto Rican in me would say, “Yeah, you know what? You’re totally right! Down with all men!” But today, I’ve got a bit of a different
perspective. When we start off by claiming it’s the men’s
problem for BLANK, that creates a divide. That creates a you vs them issue, when that shouldn’t even be the case in the first place. Modesty is something both men and women struggle
with! How many times have we as women lusted over
a man’s immodesty? You may be thinking, immodesty? Please, how can guys be immodest? Let’s think of all the times we’ve seen
a guy and ogled at the man as something we want. A guy in thin sweatpants that doesn’t lead
much to the imagination, a guy who is shirtless in a setting where
it’s not normal, or even wearing too tight and small of shirts. We get it, you work out and it looks like
your shirt’s are gonna tear if you flex. Modesty is a part of chastity that both men
AND women are called to. Because the goal isn’t to lust, but to truly
encounter the other. Not just for the physical. I want to be SEEN as me – not as some fantasy
in some guy’s mind. And it goes both ways. We as women need to strive to see a man as
his true authentic self and not some over sexualized version of a babe running on the beach in slow motion. It’s not really about pointing fingers at
who is to blame. Modesty is for everyone, and is not a call
to abandon looking fashionable. It’s an invitation for ME to dress like
the boss I AM, while dressing in a way that commands the respect and dignity EVERYONE

4 thoughts on “Modesty for Men?

  1. I'm not much agree with modesty concept.its very problematic thing….but if it should exist.then let it exist for both sexes.

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