Modernizing Texas State Hospitals

Welcome, everybody. I appreciate everybody coming today. We’ve been appropriated dollars to start planning for the construction of new hospitals. We’ve partnered with the University of Texas in Houston and in San Antonio and in Austin to lead that effort for us. Currently, we have a waitlist of Texans of more than 700 waiting. This allows us to add more than 300 beds to our state system for mental health services. So, it provides a quality level of service that we’ve been providing, but it also matches them to the residential piece of it. And so, it provides a modern-day approach. Having a modern-day facility and a modern-day health care environment leads to much better health outcomes. It’s a very exciting time, I think, for Texas to step up and take the lead in, “How do we best take care of our citizens?” This program proves how government is supposed to work. We’ve done it in a methodical way. We’ve included broad stakeholder groups to be a part of this. So, this is one of those instances where we had real need, but we’re being smart about how to address it. This really matters to the everyday Texan because, unfortunately, mental illness affects one out of every four of us. Some of us are going to actually have maybe a severe crisis or a severe illness. And that affects all of us. It could be your neighbor. It could be a family member. It could be a loved one. It could be someone you don’t even know, but you care about because they’re a part of your community. And so, we all benefit. It’s a recommitment from all stakeholders who have been a part of this: Our legislative body, our governor, the universities who have done the analysis, and our team members who show up and show out, day in and day out, to serve. Thank you to our team. We appreciate the work that you do.

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