Mobile Medical Clinics Head To Africa

A LOCAL NON PROFIT IS HELPING A COUNTRY THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY — REBUILD AFTER THE EBOLA OUTBREAK. MOBILE MEDICAL CLINICS ARE BEING SHIPPED FROM WICHITA TO THE COUNTRY OF SIERRA LEONE. KAKE’S LILY WU TAKES A LOOK AT “CLINIC IN A CAN” AND THEIR EFFORTS. “this may look like a simple 20 foot shipping container.” “but it’s what’s inside that will help thousands of people get medical care in sierra leone.” “it’s one doctor, one patient at a time. it’s just enough space to do that.” MICHAEL WAWRZEWSKI IS BRINGING MEDICINE TO UNDERDEVELOPED AND REMOTE AREAS. AFTER 20 YEARS IN THE MEDICAL FIELD — HE’S DOING THAT AS THE FOUNDER OF “CLINIC IN A CAN.” “we were already using shipping containers to pack equipment and supplies in them. and we thought ‘you know. we might as well try to make it an all-in-one solution.” CLINICS THAT ARE BUILT RIGHT HERE IN WICHITA. “we’re doing something that can make, not only a short term impact, but a long term change in these countries. we can make people who may never know our names or know who we are, that we care about them here in little ol’ wichita kansas.” FOUR OF THESE CLINICS ARE GOING TO RURAL AREAS IN SIERRA LEONE — IN DESPERATE NEED OF HEALTHCARE. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH G-E FOUNDATION AND PROJECT HOPE -THEY WILL DELIVER, INSTALL AND STAFF THESE UNITS. “this is a result of enormous efforts, certainly to a great extent because clinic in a can has designed and built these themselves and they’ve relied on the support of people in wichita to make that happen.” SOON – THESE CLINICS WILL HELP ANOTHER COUNTRY REBUILD AFTER THE OUTBREAK AND PROVIDE ACCESS TO PRIMARY CARE. “really changing the way healthcare is in underdeveloped countries, we can now provide healthcare where healthcare wasn’t before.” “these clinics will arrive in sierra leone in about april or may. if you’d like to learn more about how you can help, you can visit our webchannel and click on the story. in north wichita, lily wu, kake news.” IT COSTS ABOUT 53-THOUSAND DOLLARS TO FULLY EQUIP THESE MOBILE CLINICS WITH SOLAR PANELS AND L-E-D LIGHTS. THREE OF THE FOUR CLINICS WERE PAID FOR BY DONATIONS FROM PEOPLE IN THE WICHITA AREA.

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