Mobile Health Clinic more than just Alternative Health and Wellness Choices-Dr. Holly Fourchalk

Did you know that we can take A BLOOD Type
and send it to three different laboratories andget three different results? That doesn’t
sound too good. On the other hand we can come to your home and with a given unit thathas
been tested in universities. We are able to assess over 60,000 variables
in your body. No impact on body, no needles, no blood test, no having to send it off to
laboratories for $600-800 or even $1000.We can do right there in front of you in the
comfort of your home. Everybody needs a Dr Holly. Here’s to your health. For more info on my Mobile Health Clinic
and how it can assess over 60,000 issues go to 14751 – 34A Ave
Surrey, BC V4P 0B3 (604) 764-5203 Want to know your best choices for alternative
health? Dr Holly offers a Mobile Health Clinic which can work with you in the comfort of
your own home or even virtually through the internet.
– Dr. Holly Fourchalk (604) 764-5203

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