MiRuralCareMatters: Munson Medical Center Promotes Healthy Eating

So often, poor diet is is
intergenerational. There hasn’t been an emphasis or enough knowledge about good food and so it just takes some intervention and it’s not coddling,
it’s not going above and beyond, it’s just trying to meet their needs, which in
this case are some knowledge and and some help affording, at least initially, some fruits and vegetables. Programs like the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program that Munson runs are important and key for the community
because they they do bring together the hospital, their patients, the local
agriculture industry, and just health and wellness for the community in general. It
might seem like a very specific particular program, but it’s really it’s
really got benefits that that can impact the community as a whole. We hand them a actual prescription, we send in a form and we call it a prescription very
intentionally because the prescription says: hey it’s not just about the drugs I
can give you for your high blood pressure, or some magic pill to help you
lose weight, it’s more about what you can do for your own self, take control of
your health in at least some aspects, and learn to cook for yourself, your kids
your parents, and make that even a fun of your life. At each of the markets, they would have some cooking demo so they would utilize a fruit or vegetable
from that day and do a recipe there. They would then have recipe cards available
for people, they would have little sample cups that people could taste it to see
what it tastes like after the chef had prepared it. I think it’s just talking
about food as not just something that has enough calories in it to sustain you,
but actually to you know the food as medicine idea.
This is a path towards long-lasting wellness.

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