Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – Dianna’s Story – The Nebraska Medical Center

So yeah that’s the
first I walked so that was a good feeling.
Oh tremendous I didn’t think I could do it. Then the pain had gradually in the last few
years had gotten worse it had gotten down into the hip and my right leg really bad.
It was a burning crapping pain and there was nothing I could do to get any relief it just
hurt so bad. It went on and on, it was just terrible. Most of the people we are talking
about treating are really quite debilitated by this pain this isn’t a little ache that
comes and goes that you can manage other ways. So the people we end up recommending treatment
for really have severe pain that is with them most of the time that really interferes with
their ability to sit, stand, walk be active. It seems to be a lot more common then we previously
thought. There was no way to get relief you would think you could lay down and you’d lay
there maybe 15 minutes and that hurt, there was no relief. You get really desperate for
help it hurts a lot. So the sacroiliac joint as you can see is this long line here is the
joint where these bones meet. So we make a small incision just a few inches long and
then really we are splitting the tissues so without having to cut through much. Were coming
through the ilium and into that Sacrum so that these implants end up spanning that joint
within the bone and a number of them say 3 in a row like this across the joint. Minimally
invasive surgery and all aspects of surgery have been increasing and advancing over the
years and this is one of those procedures that took a very invasive difficult surgery
and made it a much shorter surgery with lower blood loss, with lower infection rates with
quicker recovery times. Less pain with the procedure itself. This really changes things
quite a bit. In actuality the procedure itself which should no more then about an hour with
minimal blood loss is something that could be done Just as an outpatient but at this
point especially with a newer procedure were wanting to be very careful and monitor people,
but we typically would expect them to be in the hospital overnight. Then there are some
limited activities that we want them to put up with for the next few weeks. Your incision
healed up ok? Yes, it healed up real well. Yeah I don’t have really any complaints. Well
it really is exciting because this is a diagnosis again that isn’t new it’s just we for many
years didn’t have any good treatments to offer. So this is really exciting that we have something
that can be very successful and without the huge morbidity or side effect of some of the
prior surgeries. Oh I love to walk; I love to do yard work. My husband and I hike and
camp I am very outdoors person. I am very active in whatever I do and I have been very
limited and haven’t done much of that for the last several years because the pain was
too tremendous. So I looking to get my life back and be myself again.

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