Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass at Orange Park Medical Center

(upbeat music) – You have blockages on the arteries that are on your heart, that
supply the heart muscle. So we literally just reroute blood flow around the blockage. We either use an artery or a vein. And that’s called a
coronary artery bypass graft procedure, or a CABG. This procedure that we’re doing, it’s called a robotic MIDCAB. So it’s a robotic-assisted
coronary artery bypass graft. (upbeat music) Traditionally, coronary
artery bypass surgery is done through an incision
opening your chest this way. With this robot-assisted approach, we can do it through a
much smaller incision on the left side of your chest. I’m actually sitting
at the robotic console in the corner of the
room, and my whole team is at the bedside with the patient, and the robot is actually
inside the patient. And I’m over at the console in the corner, looking through the
console, and I’m controlling the robot inside the patient. One of the big advantages to
any kind of minimally invasive surgery is basically quicker recovery, less pain, quicker return
to normal activity, less blood loss, less complications, which is why we strive to try and do minimally invasive
approaches for patients. (upbeat music) At Orange Park, we pioneered
robotic cardiothoracic surgery in Northeast Florida. I was the first to do
a robotic lung surgery in Northeast Florida and the first to do robotic heart valve surgery
in Northeast Florida, and now we’re also the first to do the robotic bypass surgery. At a hospital this size, to
offer what we’re offering is quite an accomplishment,
and a real testament to our team here. (upbeat music)

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