Mini Medical School

Rush Mini Medical School is a program that
our students and faculty developed so that children in fourth and fifth grade can get
an idea of what it’s like to literally be in medical school. Our goal is that if we
can spark an interest in some type of health care field they will go back to their own
communities and become health care workers. And thus we can engage them into taking care
of their own community. And so we just want them to see that medicine is more than just
going to medical school and becoming a doctor. There are so many different avenues that you
can go down in order to play a support role in the medical field. It’s so exciting to
see how excited they are. The other thing that’s really fun for me is to offer a leadership
opportunity for our medical students because the medical students who run the program truly manage everything. “So what were some of the symptoms they mentioned in the video?” This year we really tried to revamp our curriculum and really try to make things very interactive
and really try to have a couple of good teaching points for each activity. We help develop the curriculum and organize the program, the day-to-day logistics of it. Recruiting volunteers,
recruiting the students and just making sure everything is set up for it to be an enjoyable experience for the students. These kids teach me something new every week and I learn different ways to teach to different knowledge bases which I think is just really going to be helpful for me going forward as a physician. As a medical institution we can solve the current
problems a patient might present with but we can’t really solve the reason they presented
with that problem unless we incorporate the community. Unless we try to solve the community
issues. So I think, particularly mini-med, is helping target this by creating access
for these kids who are often from the west side and might be going to underprivileged
schools, that don’t have the funding necessary to be involved in science – to get that exposure as well as to get the mentorship. Young people who tend to go into health care have a family member that’s in health care. These guys, they don’t have that. They’ll be lucky if
they have a family member who went to college. Often times they’re first-generation. It’s
the reality of it. They get to connect and be encouraged and motivated to succeed. They ask the most profound questions and very thought-provoking questions and it really impressed me. And
just seeing that moment makes it all worth it.

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