Middlesex Hospital prioritizes patients with Chrome Enterprise

JOHN CONNELLY: We respond to
approximately 10,000 911 calls a year. Instead of having to wait
until the call is complete, we can get started
immediately with a Chromebook. JIM SANTACROCE: The
technology for us has to be patient-centric. To operate in the
Chrome environment with no learning curve has
been a huge advantage for us. MICHAEL ROMATZICK: Healthcare IT
is undergoing a bit of a shift for the last 15, 20 years. No longer do you
have a $3,000 PC that was for a specific use case. Our on-call doctors, our EMS,
they are roaming workers. The ability to easily hand off
one device to multiple people without leaving a footprint
of what they were working on or where they’d been, it allows
a great deal of flexibility. JOHN CONNELLY: What we’re
doing is bringing the emergency department to the patient, so
our technology is critical. We’ve had zero failures
with the Chromebooks. When they open, they’re on
and they’re ready to go. They definitely give us a
better level of confidence when we’re out in the field. MICHAEL ROMATZICK:
Google Cloud and Chrome provides us an opportunity to
bring a modern, secure platform into the healthcare arena. And the Chrome
integration with Citrix allows us to access our
legacy applications. What Google is allowing
us to do is put the focus back on our patients.

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