Michigan Medicine COPD Clinic: Dr. MeiLan Han

– Several years ago, we started
a COPD Transitions Clinic here at the University of Michigan, where we’ll see patients
who have been recently discharged from the hospital. They try to get them stabilized, and optimize their care
as much as possible to try to get them staying
out of the hospital. I think we’re really fortunate, and I’m actually really
quite proud of the clinic that we put together. It’s unique in that it’s truly a multi-specialty clinic we have. Nursing, social work, nutrition, respiratory therapy, all dedicated to the
care of COPD patients. And, what I’ve seen is I feel
just incredibly striking. We’ve seen patients who
actually don’t even have COPD. There’s actually a higher rate of under-diagnosis and misdiagnosis, so we’ve been able to get some patients appropriately categorized and on the correct treatment plans. But, we’ve also, I feel like, been quite instrumental
in improving the lives of the patients with COPD who
do come into the hospital. We’ve since expanded that clinic now to incorporate other referrals for COPD that might be coming
in from the community, because the depth and breadth of services that we can offer in this
unique, multi-specialty clinic I think are quite unique. The university and the
hospital have actually, you know, put in money to
develop this infrastructure so that we can have access to respiratory therapy
right there in clinic. So, we can make adjustments
to mask fits if needed for CPAP devices, or help download information
from their devices, or we can even do transcutaneous
PCO2 monitoring clinic. We’ve got more extensive
questionnaires, et cetera. If the patient needs social work support and we’re having difficulty
getting patients on medications, I have a pharmacy tech that can look up exactly what’s covered, and figure out a path to getting those medications covered for patients. So again, really just
quite proud of the services that we’re able to offer, and we want to make sure
that our patients know that this clinic exists, and also our referring
physicians do, as well.

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