Michelle Sowden, DO, Surgical Oncology – Burlington VT, The UVM Medical Center

(bright music) – I’m Dr. Michelle Sowden,
and I’m a breast surgeon. I think that the relationship between a physician and a
patient is a really intimate one and it’s one that I respect deeply. And I think that my patients respect that and they recognize that
it is a partnership and that partnership is just so integral to health and well being. Because we do know that
such a big piece of this is how you feel emotionally too. And we get that feedback
a lot from our patients, that they just felt so, sort of comforted and almost cocooned in our center. And so well taken care of. They didn’t feel like a number. When they’re being taken care of by me, they’re also being taken care
of by a great institution and so it’s a level of comfort for people. They often come in here and they’re at a level of anxiety that’s very, very high. By the time they leave
their first visit with us, they feel so much more calm and relaxed and ready and educated. And that’s part of why I
absolutely love doing what I do and love doing it here. (bright music)

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