Michelle Pearson, ARNP – Family Medicine in Jefferson, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, I’m Michelle Pearson. I’m a Family
Nurse Practitioner in Jefferson, Iowa. I joined McFarland in 2017. My specialty I chose was Family Nurse Practitioner,
and the reason that I chose it is because I could provide care for patients from very
young to very old and kind of follow them along their lifespan. Family practice means wellness checks, making
sure they’re up to date on immunizations and even, later on in life, helping people
find what journey they want to take. We would get to know each other a little bit,
discuss goals, discuss what the patient wants to see their healthcare picture turn into and see what we can do together to help
achieve that goal. The most fulfilling thing that I find that
happens when I help a patient or see a patient is knowing that the path we chose, the
medications that we chose or the changes in lifestyle actually work. We can see them getting better, and that’s
very good for me. I think Extraordinary Care is taking each
patient as an individual and making a plan for them that’s going to work for them and
identifying barriers in that plan that we can work on together so our goals can be met. What I like to do when I’m not working is
working on projects at home. I like working out in the garden. I like
making things. There’s some fulfillment in that.

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