Michael Stefl, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon in Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi. My name is Michael Stefl. I am an orthopedic
surgeon with a specialty in hip and knee replacement. I joined McFarland Clinic 2019, and I
practice in the Ames office. From an early time in medical school, I
had experience with hip and knee replacement, and I saw just how powerful
of a surgery it could be in restoring mobility and function to patients and
really giving them their life back that they that they had lost to arthritis. Services that I’ll offer to patients include
primary hip and knee replacement as well as revision hip and knee replacement if needed, as well as any type of other conservative
care that’s nonsurgical if possible for their arthritic conditions. Ideally we could get patients
treated and pain-free without surgery, but often that’s not always the case, so I do
specialize in total joint replacement for that reason. A visit starts off with a pretty
thorough history and physical examination to make sure that I understand what’s the
cause that they’re here today, what’s bothering them, and then how it affects their life.
Because really that’s the most important thing is figuring out how their joint pain is affecting
their life and what they want in terms of goals of treatment. After that a pretty thorough
physical examination to see exactly what type of deformity or joint pain they might have,
followed by some radiographs to check and evaluate the joint internally
with an x-ray as well. I feel my specialty’s very rewarding in that I’m able to take people that come in to me
and have terrible pain and really pretty profound loss of function in their life because of
joint pain and restore them to the life they used to have. Getting people moving again
and back to activities that they like, whether that be sports or hiking or just spending
more time with their family is extremely rewarding to me, and just seeing the smile on their
face when they come in after a successful surgery and they say, “This is it. I’m back
to who I used to be,” that’s what keeps me going in a day. Extraordinary Care, Every Day to me
means that no matter when a patient comes in to see you that they’re going to
get ultimately what’s the best the outcome for them. In the world of joint replacement
that means giving them a successful surgery that takes away their pain, fulfills their
expectations, and avoids any type of complications. And by being very proactive about doing great
surgeries and having great patient rapport, I feel like we’re able to provide some Extraordinary
Care, Every Day.

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