56 thoughts on “Michael Jordan sheds tears at the opening of Novant clinic in Charlotte

  1. That’s a good start! And many are needed. Around the country! We all should help one another as much as possible. 😄🏀That’s a slam dunk, Micheal!😆

  2. Hey pro blackity blacks I thought Michael Jordan didn't give back to the community. Jordan's been doing this stuff for over thirty years.

  3. Seriously, medicine has been one of the best money-making businesses in the united states, even when serving uninsured populations. Don't believe me? Do some research on the revenue of hospitals in poverty-stricken areas. Can't believe people are still falling for such BS.

  4. There's plenty of time for LaBron slander, as this is all about the kind heart of MJ.

    This enduring initiative is another example of his leadership as an ambassador for not only the NBA, but this entire nation as well. He'd be a fantastic Governor/senator.

  5. MJ makes this public appearance at the same time LeBron stands up for China's Communist regime.

    MJ still competitive lol he knows exactly what he's doing here. The timing isn't a coincidence.

  6. When I was growing up, there were to great Michaels. Unfortunately, the king of Pop passed away. However his airness is still here being great. Congrats MJ.

  7. How can anyone downvote this? I applaud MJ…he got alot of flack…some deserved and some undeserving but its never too late to make a difference.👍

  8. Make no mistake…he sized everyone up at that ceremony and knew for a FACT he could take each and every one of them one on one.

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