Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic Grand Opening

Michael Jordan: This is just the start. Jonathan Wilson, MD: Medical care is foundational
for Jonathan Wilson, MD: people succeeding in life. Jonathan Wilson, MD: And so my goal as a family Jonathan Wilson, MD: physician is to help people Jonathan Wilson, MD: be the person God created Jonathan Wilson, MD: them to be and to reach Jonathan Wilson, MD: their potential. And so the Jonathan Wilson, MD: Michael Jordan clinic, I Jonathan Wilson, MD: think, will provide a space Jonathan Wilson, MD: for folks that normally
couldn’t Jonathan Wilson, MD: afford that care, to not Jonathan Wilson, MD: only get medical care, but Jonathan Wilson, MD: also have access to our Jonathan Wilson, MD: social worker and some Jonathan Wilson, MD: different services to help Speaker: them be able to achieve the things they Speaker: want to achieve. Meagan Bystrzycki, PA: Well, a lot of these
patients Meagan Bystrzycki, PA: either have no funding, so Meagan Bystrzycki, PA: no insurance, and Meagan Bystrzycki, PA: we see them. Speaker: A lot of these patients have not had any Speaker: primary care, ever. Speaker: So they’re in their 50s Speaker: and have never seen a family Speaker: physician since they’ve been an adult. Speaker: A lot of our patients don’t have Speaker: resources like you would normally think Speaker: of, Speaker: like not just health insurance, but Speaker: transportation, lack of food, Speaker: lack of housing. Speaker: So I’m actually seeing a lot of people Speaker: that their first appointment is after a Speaker: stroke or a heart attack. Jonathan Wilson, MD: And so our hope is that once Jonathan Wilson, MD: we get established in this
community, Jonathan Wilson, MD: we can start eliminating Speaker: barriers to their care so that we can Speaker: prevent those awful Speaker: events. Speaker: I mean, I think it’s just a phenomenal Speaker: example set for other Speaker: celebrities or athletes or just folks Speaker: that have the means to give back in a Speaker: way that’s really going to have impact. Speaker: The amount of medical care that it will Speaker: provide and even save Speaker: our system and save patients and Speaker: bills and missed work and all that Speaker: is going to be just exponential.

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