since its founding in 1875 Metropolitan Hospital Center has
provided quality and affordable care to the community serving people love all ethnicities
nationalities in a safe culturally sensitive and
caring environment recognized as one of Metropolitan’s centers have excellence the center for
rehabilitation medicine continuously receives the attention and
resources needed to address the evolving goals are our patients how caring team consisting of highly
qualified physicians nurses therapists psychologists social workers locational counselors and
support staff provides comprehensive care exceeding
the highest professional and regulatory standards the multi-disciplinary team recognizes that eat individual has
unique set of needs we customize therapy programs based on
thorough initial valuations and ongoing assessments addressing both
the physical and emotional aspects each patient’s condition we treat each
individual as a whole with a dedicated team effort and
encourage family members to participate in our daily interdisciplinary meetings
our goal is that patients achieve their maximum potential for activities of
daily living we saw fully develop a discharge plan that meets both individual and family
needs accordingly the team meetings were important to me the core was I hey Satan zones in mind for months and and having these seeing me means it
allowed me soon realize the goals that I have set
for myself a realistic that it was possible that is long is I continued to work on a work
of art I knew that I have a group of people
behind that will willing to work with me and work me just as hard is that needed
to be word in order to achieve my goal our
facility is state-of-the-art physical therapists use the latest
equipment such as the balance master for addressing balance problems the partial weight support system to
help in the treatment of gait impairment and hydrotherapy to promote the healing
a diabetic Intermatic norms occupational therapists integrate
patients back to daily life the a weekly wheelchair clinic and in a
fully functional kitchen bath and laundry ATL room their retrain patience to regain
function as their upper extremities with the real robotic arm in BT
eMachines and to regain chance for skills in the
simulation car everybody is very excellent and I have
no problem nor great and I recommend in about the contents of
a lot on hospital for day physical checkup and everything cuz
is just plain good to me speech pathologists conduct gold
standard modified barium swallows and to assess the safety of oral feeds for
despite your patience at Metropolitan we know that
rehabilitation is more than just patience working to regain physical
function it is a period at learning to cope with
new physical and emotional challenges in the real world we are confident that are competent and
caring staff can meet the needs of your patience throughout their rehabilitative


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