Message from Redonda G. Miller, M.D., M.B.A., The New Johns Hopkins Hospital President

Hi, I’m Redonda Miller, and
I’m very excited and honored to become the 11th President
of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. I first came to Johns Hopkins
more than 20 years ago as a medical student. I completed both my
internship and residency in Internal Medicine here at
the Johns Hopkins Hospital and I’ve been here ever since. What I love most about
Hopkins is the people. I’ve had the good fortune of
working with colleagues from many different career
paths over the years. And what I most respect and
admire is their undying commitment to excellence
and commitment to our patients. This new position is so much
more than just a job for me. This hospital has become
a second home and the people I have the privilege
to work with every day have truly become my family. You are what make this world
renowned hospital great. There is another big
change taking place today at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Congratulations to all of
you who have been involved in the Epic Go Live here,
the last and largest roll-out at
Johns Hopkins Medicine. I know that preparing for epic
has added a tremendous amount of time, responsibility and stress
to each of your daily work loads and I thank each of you for
your extraordinary hard work and commitment to making
this roll-out a success. Although, there may be some
challenges, in the coming days, and weeks, we should really
celebrate the significant milestones for Johns Hopkins
Medicine and for our patients. One patient, one record. Now, of course, this is just
the beginning of many more important milestones to come. I’m really looking forward to
being your next president and working with you to serve our
mission, our patients and our community. I’m excited for
what lies ahead for all of us.

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