Meredith Grey is Going to Jail – Grey’s Anatomy

[ Sighs ] Oh, okay,
so not an emergency. Well — Well, can we talk
about it over dinner? Because I’m starving, and that —
that tandoori chicken at Monsoon on Main
is calling my na– I’m pregnant! But…you… you… y-you said were
going through menopause. Turns out a lot can be true
at the same time. [ Laughs ] It’s crazy, right? And I know, we’ve —
we’ve never talked about this, but I’ve been thinking
about how much more prepared I am now compared to
when I had Tuck. I was just a resident.
I thought I knew everything, but basically knew,
uh, nothing. But now I’ve got mad skills,
nothing can stop me, and I kind of think
this might be great and something that we’ll
have…together. Right? Or…mm, am I wrong? Um, and it’s okay
if I’m… if, uh… I’m sorry. Uh… I’ve just been spinning all day
waiting to tell you, and then I got stuck
in the chamber — -Oh, we’re having a baby!!
-[ Laughs ] Y-Yes. Oh, and nausea is a classic
symptom of pregnancy — one more spin and we… ♪ Cold light
wakes me in the morning ♪ We’re having a baby. ♪ Your side is empty,
I was calling out to you ♪ You happy?
♪ I was calling out to you ♪ Oh! [ Laughs ] ♪ And all of the nights
and days ♪
[ Laughs ] Yeah. Tell them.
Tell them. Hey, hey. We’re —
We’re having a baby. We’re having a baby.
[ Both laugh ] ♪ But I don’t need your love ♪
We’re having a baby. ♪ I just need your talking… ♪
[ Laughs ] Okay. Meredith:
Trauma doesn’t tell time. It can’t tell if we’re 8 or 41, if our kids
have the chicken pox, or if we have the biggest surgeries
of our lives to perform. Hey. How was your day? Rough. Do you want to
talk about it? No.
♪ You’re the only one
who comes when I’m lonely ♪ It doesn’t have to be
with me. I just don’t want you to keep it
inside like before. Do you wanna throw crap? Huh? And when it sneaks up on us, it’s easy to think we’re
right back at square one. [ Grunts ]
[ Toy slams wall ] ♪ All that I need is
sweet escape ♪ [ Sighs ] You okay? Yeah.
Getting there. ♪ Ohh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
well, I’m leaving now ♪
Come on. [ Toy smacks softly ] Lame!
You got to — You got to really
throw it. ♪ And oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
I’m leaving now ♪
Okay. [ Lamp rattles ] [ Laughs ] That felt
oddly satisfying. Right? [ Laughs ] Okay, but let’s do it
over here. Let’s do it over here,
come on. ♪ And all of the nights
and all of the days ♪
All right, come on. ♪ We’re watching them
fade away ♪
This wall. Come on! Whoo! ♪ What a life when
you’re rolling the dice ♪
Both: One, two, three. One, two… Three.
Aah! ♪ And all of the nights
and all of the days ♪
[ Laughs ] ♪ We’ll be watching it
fading away ♪ ♪ And, oh, what a life when
you’re rolling the dice ♪ But the truth is, even when our
brain convinces us we’re lost, if we try hard enough,
our bodies always remind us there’s a way back. -Okay.
-Okay. I’ll be right back. ♪ Hey.
Hey. How’s she doing? She’s fully recovered. She’s asking for Jell-O,
so I’m on a hunt. ♪ And oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
I’m leaving now ♪ Thank you. How are you doing? I’m glad Zola’s okay. Good. Nancy. “The girl who cried
medical emergency.” That’s what the judge
called you. How’s your daughter?
Much better, thank you. She had to have neurosurgery,
so I couldn’t leave her. I get that. But sadly, you’re
going to have to leave her, along with the rest of
your children while you make up
for your missed hours. I was able to squeeze a small
drop of humanity from the judge. Thank you. I will be
at trash duty first thing, and no more excuses,
as soon as she’s sent home. Dr. Grey, you’re not going back
to clean-up duty. You’ll be making up
your missed hours in jail. And prepares us for whatever
fight lies ahead.
You’ll be making up
your ♪ I just need you now ♪

100 thoughts on “Meredith Grey is Going to Jail – Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Meredith Grey can't go to jail or loose her license. What a hell of a story line. Am getting pissed already and it's beginning to bore me already. Pls wake her storyline up and give me some fun. And by the way where's Maggie and why is she dormant? Shonda do something already before you miss the salty aspect of Grey's anatomy.

  2. I love ❤️ grey's but I think it's coming to an end 😢they are running out of things to happen and it's nothing like Derek and Meredith and the post-it, Christina and Burke and Cardio, George and Alex and the heart in the elevator, Izzy beating Cancer, Arizona and the little tiny humans, Lexie and her photographic memory

  3. 1) Hopefully Richard tells Catherine about Gemma kissing him.
    2) The Grey storyline this season is refreshing and entertaining.
    3) Jo was the best part of the episode. I love how empowering her storyline was last night and hopefully it continues. The Bailey and Jo team-up was perfect.
    4) For a second, I thought Helms and Grey were going to accidentally kiss. It’s too bad they didn’t cause it’s time for them to address the elephant in the room or at least Grey. Which reminds me, I miss Callie and Arizona.

  4. Stop it I hate Mer having this storyline she is not going to jail and leaving her kids!!! These seasons of greys is not the same like the old ones

  5. Me: So I don't want any spoilers for greys
    Doesn't watch anything greys anatomy*
    Me:well now I have to watch it
    Baily: pregnant!!!!

  6. I hope this show doesn’t continue to go downhill. They need to lead it in a way where it doesn’t end on a bad note whether there are more seasons or not.

  7. They already ruined the season…. EVERY storyline sucks: get rid of DeLuca, and Maggie, and Katherine, and Jackson and Amelia and Link … and Meredith in Jail ?!?! Come on people, get some writing skills and stop wasting $ on useless cast and storylines!!!

  8. When they let Sarah Drew (April) go. That was the turning point for me, especially when they put Jackson with Maggie, which was not cohesive with the characters AT ALL. Then letting Bailey go on a power trip, and firing Meredith, Richard & Alex (It is like she forgot she had given a child genetically mutated HIV WITHOUT Parental Consent). The storylines used to blend seamlessly together, keeping us emotionally invested while maintaining character integrity & growth.

  9. Damnit I’m trying to get over my quantico obsession but this song is from the best Shelby and clay video 😒
    Everyone go watch quantico rn it’s a great show

  10. Is it just me or does it feel like the cast list seems really short this season? I know there are characters but it feels like there aren't enough characters or enough material to keep it exciting

  11. It’s so cute to see Bailey and Ben interact with her being all nervous and giddy. I hope it’s a girl. Ben seems like he would love to have a girl.

  12. Why everyone thing that is just that Meredith has to go to jail, just her??, if you one to be realistic, all the hospital should be in jail, since like first season. Webber drinking problems, alex fights, bailey HIV experiment in a child and no respects for DNR at all, the intern make things really stupid and dangerous, steal organs, all the Avery sexual scandal and Catherine uncover, i mean no one in that hospital have the right to point to anyone.

  13. I remember when Derrick yelled at Mer about the fact that she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions. This was after she messed with the trial. Then after she took ZoeZoe, afraid she was going to be taken. Mer has a heart for what she does. Like going to William’s execution. She cried cause she couldn’t understand why she had compassion for such a horrible person. She’s always been this way. Deluca sees what Derrick saw but Mer refuses to stop being who she is.

    Bailey being preggo is great. I’m almost 40 and haven’t had a baby yet even though I’ve been married for 16 years. Even tho it’s just a show, it makes my heart smile!

  14. I hope Shonda and Krista are aware that the show sucks after Shonda killed McDreamy. Just because we are keeping watching it it doesn’t mean we enjoy it as before! We are not connected with the new actors as we used to be with the old ones. It’s better to put an end to the show instead of keep recycling same concepts over and over and over again’ show is boring! Give a good life to Mer and call it over !

  15. The awkwardness between Andrew and Mer is making me feel weird cause you can see she stepped closer to him but just didn’t kiss him bc they had a fight 🥺

  16. I am kinda glad Meredith is going to jail because it makes the story real. If you skip probation for any reason the courts do not care of the issues. You will get in trouble. I love the raw truth and I think it will pay off in the end.

  17. I am however super excited my favorite couple is having a baby. They are super cute and Ben is going to be a great father and Bailey is going to a cute mess. The engame couple Benley plus one(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  18. This show is going downhill fast, I’m surprised it still running. Don’t get me wrong i was a die hard fan but Shonda is obviously running out of ideas.

  19. I mean she said to them all “was I supposed to leave my daughter so I would go to court?” But she does have to leave now since she didn’t …🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  20. Does anyone remember the episode where were the person who asked to be called by they? Dr Webber had some issue to do that but jakcson helped him to overcome it.

  21. Only cuz I’ve watched grey Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning am I scared for Bailey and Amelia being pregnant at the same time. There’s always something that happens in this show that makes me think anything can happen. Hope I’m wrong and they both have healthy babies! 😁

  22. This show has gone down hill with this season. I don't even care about the characters. And what is going on with Ellen(Meredith). Her face looks puffy. Is she going through a physical challenge?

  23. Y'all are gonna attak me but Mer had one freakin job, do her time with community service. She could call Bailey or explain later and she didn't, she run away.. AGAIN. She was lucky to skip jail for her privilege. I don't say she deserves it but she could have avoided it and she didn't. Another in her position, would have gone straight to jail. Also in the promo for 16×06 Isidora Goreshter is her rommy in jail, I LOVE ISIDORA!! so excited either way!

  24. I get that the show has had to change and the older cast could never come back, but I don't see how that's an excuse for the writers to be plain lazy. Do something with Alex and Izzy's eggs! Bring back Sloan or Alex's sister as interns! Feature Mark's grandson in an episode! Anything to not make this feel like a cheap soap opera that keeps using pregnancies as plot lines and should've ended years ago.

  25. Anyone else feel this show has progressively gotten less about them being doctors. idk i just want to go back to season 1-8 vibes

  26. On Meredith😣 if you had just finished your trash duty the other day instead of running off to try and apologize to Bailey, you could have waited a few more hours and done it after. Hell, you didn't even really apologize to her, you just made excuses and blamed the website.

    Honestly she should have listened to Andrew and kept her head down till this was all over, then try to work within the system to change things. And then that whole mess with Jackson having to show Koracick who had the bigger dick. Levi was right, the news piece on the pro bono child surgery could have helped Grey Sloan so damn much.

  27. People go to jail lol. Many people go to jail for various reasons and various times that part is simply reality. No one has ever gone for this very reason. You are missing the point big time lol

  28. Okay I miss when greys was about medical shits. Now it’s just drama with a sprinkle of “ I have a surgery in an hour” I’m bouta go watch Izzie do brain surgery in the middle of a ferry boat crash brb 🙄

  29. George isn’t there to deliver Bailey’s baby this time that will be sad 😟 But this is great story for Bailey and I hope Shonda gives them a happy ending with the baby storyline!!!

  30. Poor Meredith 🙁 that isn't fair 🙁 why Bailey hurts Meredith 🙁 they should let her work in Hospital 🙁 so mean the Hospital !

  31. I hate the whole plot right now with alex and webber working at the other hospital and mer dealing w all this and everyone getting pregnant like the hell

  32. so the baby is going to be brain death or something because you cannot have a happy normal pregnancy on this show LOL

  33. i wish they would make episodes like they did the first 9 seasons, maybe bring back some of the original cast? I just feel like the cast gets renewed all the time and we dont get to connect to them anymore bc shonda keeps killing the good characters…

  34. It would have broken my heart if Ben responded any differently than he did. 0:32 – 1:14 For a moment there, I was holding my breath, BUT, 1:16 I should have BELIEVED. 🤗🥰
    I'm happy when Alex is happy, and Jo is "back" to make him happy again. yay!
    I get the feeling that Meredith is going to be saved by the very media coverage that the hospital board is trying to save their reputation from.

  35. y’all are forgetting this is only the 6th episode. give it time. i, personally am liking this season and it seems to be doing super well. stop being mad that the dead can’t come back

  36. You know those rumours that are going around that Kate Walsh might return as Addison. Because Addison helped with delivering Miranda’s first baby, imagine if she comes back to deliver her second one.

  37. Everything about Greys feels so plain now – like they are trying sooooo hard to make it good but it’s lost all its flavor. Reasons why I stopped watching and only watch these recaps now. 😔😔

    Time to go back and rewatch the good old days of greys when the characters and storylines had you at the edge of your seat every time…

  38. so… randomly got this suggested, haven't started watching the new season (btw, thanks for the spoiler youtube)… is it worth watching? Seems to be… annoying.

  39. I understand that she (as a mother) didn't want to leave her sick child during surgery, but this was a hearing she absolutely couldn't miss and while she did for a very good reason, it still wasn't very smart.

  40. Eye i hope this ISNT a real problem. I hope this cant happend. But hey its AMERICA i wouldnt be suprised of IT was true…

  41. Man what happened to this show it used to be really good, nothing against ppl who still enjoy it just seems like it's going more downhill to me.

  42. Ok so we are gonna forget that everyone in that hospital has done something illegal i mean bailey injected that boy with that aids thing..sorry it a been awhile since IV watched and this makes me not want too anymore.

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