Meredith Collins, MD, Plastic Surgeon – Colchester, VT, The UVM Medical Center

(lively music) – Hi my name is Dr. Meredith Collins and I’m a plastic and
reconstructive surgeon. (lively music) I’ve always been dedicated
to women’s health, and particularly breast cancer
and breast reconstruction and, I think my interest is in
part because I’m treating my demographic and I find
it very easy to relate to my patients and I think they can easily relate to me as well. (lively music) What’s rewarding about plastic surgery and specifically about what I do in terms of breast cancer care, you
know it’s a very long journey with breast cancer patients
and I’m there with them from the beginning to the end. And to me that’s very rewarding, it’s a journey that we take together. (lively music) My philosophy of care is
a commitment to excellence and that is both in the office
and in the operating room and everywhere in between. (lively music)

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