Menorah Medical Center – Cyberknife

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Marlene
Krakow is a busy woman, she’s a grandmother, swim instructor, and substitute teacher,
she’s also a cancer survivor. – Okay, thanks, uh-huh, bye-bye. – [Narrator] But
remarkably Marlene’s fight against sarcoma did not slow her down, that’s because she turned
to the Sarcoma Institute at Menorah. And a one of a kind treatment in the metro, called CyberKnife. – I feel blessed that
I have been a candidate for CyberKnife. – [Narrator] CyberKnife is
a form of radiation therapy. For candidates it’s a
non-invasive, painless alternative to surgery. – The goal of radiation therapy is to treat the target
and minimize the dose of radiation to the healthy tissues. CyberKnife allows us to do that better than we ever could before. – [Narrator] It’s combination
of computer technology and a robotic arm, allows doctors to pinpoint radiation, following a tumor even as a patient breathes. Whereas conventional
radiation may require up to eight weeks of daily visits, doctors can often deliver
CyberKnife treatment in a single session. – The CyberKnife at
Menorah offered Marlene a chance to receive treatment, without surgery, without
pain, without recovery. How are you doing? – I’m feeling terrific, thank you. – [Narrator] CyberKnife
is opening new doors for oncologists like Doctor Koffman, allowing him to treat tumors
once considered inoperable. It also opened new doors for Marlene, having allowed her to
live her life in spite of a battle with cancer. – The beauty of the CyberKnife for me is that I didn’t have to have any surgery. I was able to go in,
lay down on the table, have my treatment for about an hour to an hour and a half
and then go about my day, I felt fabulous afterwards and I was able to go to the grocery store or go to work or just go out to lunch, and have lunch with my friends. – [Narrator] These days,
Marlene is cancer free. This, thanks to a comprehensive
treatment regiment and cutting edge technology. (upbeat music) (For more information:

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