Memorial Satilla Rehabilitation

(upbeat music) – With HCA’s commitment to
opening up this rehab center we’re essentially
investing in the community, saying this community
deserves a rehab center that can focus on the intense rehab needs of its population. We take patients that have
cardiac issues, stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal
cord injury, respiratory, there’s also joint replacements,
hip and knee replacements, as well as amputations and general debility patients as well. We’re one of the rare
facilities that offers all three disciplines. So we offer occupational
therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services along with nursing and
physician care on a daily basis. By offering all three along
with 24/7 nursing care and physician care, we make sure that we have a whole
picture for that patient so that we can progress as best we can. Our building is unique that
it’s separate from the hospital. And so patients that come here, they have private rooms,
they’re in this serene setting that’s out in the middle of the country and so they don’t feel
like they’re in a hospital as much as possible to
be out of their beds because that’s what they
do when they’re at home. Our goal is to get patients back to doing what they were doing before
they came into the hospital. And so part of that is making
sure that they’re engaged in activities outside of their room, not just therapy but
recreational activities. We have an outdoor garden, whether they like to read
outside, we have a day room. Just participating in
daily activities that are both active for them
for what they would do in their prior lifestyle is what they wanna get them back to. By being close to the town
they can get the family support and the friend support that
they need from the community. We find that that in and of itself lifts a patient’s spirits up to know that people can come in and visit, that people can actually
stay if they want to, and be with the patients, be actively participating
in their therapy, and then there’s some
accountability to that. Their loved ones are there watching them to make sure that
they’re progressing well. So it’s much more difficult
when they have to travel 100 miles to the next rehab place. By being in town, all those
resources for the family can be right then and there. Because we are a part of the hospital, our physicians readily
have access to the records, to the electronic medical record, and even patients that come
from the outside HCA facilities, their records can be accessed as well. We have communication with
those physicians as we need it and they’re still part of our system so that there’s no longer
this disjointed communication because they’re going to
a facility that’s outside the scope of the hospital. We’re a very family centered rehab center that we want patients to
stay within their community and then go back into their community. And so we are here to stay, and we are here to serve the community and they no longer have to go out of town the receive the A plus
services that they’ve come to expect from other facilities. It is right there here
in their own backyard. (upbeat music)

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