Melvin Starnes’ Success Story | Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

My name is Sharon, and I just want to speak
on behalf of my husband, Melvin, which he says he can’t talk but he can. I can’t really talk that good, but, I don’t
know what to say. I don’t know what to say but, I would talk
but… Is it hard? Huh? Is it a little hard to speak? See, are you gonna talk when you see her? I can’t talk but I remember her! Megan come over! Oh my God! How are you doing? Oh my God! Hey, how are you? We were coming in too, because that’s why
I was asking for you. When he started to talk and say stuff, I don’t
know if you remember, he sang Amazing Grace, and I recorded it and that was one of the
things that you used to say, and I would sing Amazing Grace and he started getting his speech back. You wanna sing it now? Yes you did, it was beautiful. It was beautiful. I forgot! But it was just beautiful, and we’ve come
a long way. If you see him now, and she can attest, we’ve
come a long way. We spent almost eight weeks here, and a lot
of the same things that he does; when he gets out of bed puts his leg over, uses his strong
leg, like he can get up and go to the bathroom on his own. You know just, almost getting in the shower
by himself but we won’t let him for safety reasons. That’s a problem! Yeah. But he was only 48 years old when he had his
stroke and he turned 50, and it’s been a year and eight months now. But we owe a lot to Ballard and even another
church member, our paster’s wife after she suffered an injury we recommended her to come
here and it was just, it was good.

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