Melissa Tracy, MD – Rush University Medical Center

I’m a noninvasive cardiologist here at Rush,
and my areas of expertise are echocardiography — which is ultrasound of the heart — and
also in prevention — both primary and secondary prevention for cardiovascular disease. Echocardiography is an innovation in cardiovascular
imaging that I have a passion for. We can benefit the patient by being able to
look at their heart from a two-dimensional and now a three-dimensional perspective. We can look at the chambers of the heart,
we can look at the valves of the heart, we can see how well the heart is pumping or not,
and from that information be able to then develop implementations of care — whether
it’s different medications or a procedure that may benefit them both in the short and
long term. In conjunction with my clinical practice of
prevention — both primary and secondary prevention — I’m also the medical director
of our cardiac rehabilitation program. Cardiac rehabilitation helps patients who
have had a cardiovascular event learn to modify their blood pressure, their diabetes, their
cholesterol, but also lifestyle — how to get them exercising, how to help them lose
weight, and how to help them both psychologically and emotionally return to being the person
that they want to be, a part of their family that they want to be, and hopefully be able
to return — occupationally — to their job. To be able to put together a plan of action,
and put together the pieces of a puzzle, and get patients back to a place where they are
comfortable — both from a cardiac perspective and a mental perspective — it gives me great

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