Meet with World-Changers at Acute Rehabilitation

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Ready? Ready. Getting ready for dinner about 7:00 o’clock p.m. and I just felt my left cheek go numb and warm, and I thought, you know I just must’ve pinched something or other. But it went down to my left arm, and I knew I was having stroke symptoms. So I’d had a bilateral dissection of the two vertebral arteries, which basically reduced blood flow, and created some clotting to the brain stem and cerebellum. So that’s everything from the neck down. About a week in, my neurologist came to me and said, “I predict recovery. “What that’ll look like we can’t say. “This is a very rare set of symptoms you’ve got.” And they also said that you’d qualify for going to the Acute Rehab Center at Fairview. So I was excited to be able to qualify for that, and ready to go to work on it. (piano music) The Acute Rehab Center is really specialized, it’s an intensive rehab center for people that have already been through some kind of medical stay, and they’re ready for more intensive rehab, and often times it’s stroke, or any kind of traumatic brain injury, anything where they’re needing physical rehab again for one or both sides of the body, so it’s kind of this pivotal point for people, of having been through very medical and traumatic things sometimes, and then trying to regain their independence. Nice Gary, keep going.
The acute rehab unit, we come up with a plan for different types of activities that are gonna help that person get to a point where they are stronger, and kinda maximize their independence, that’s usually what we’re looking for. And sometimes someone’s goal is to get back to work, so that’s a really important thing, and that really, occupational therapy and speech really weigh in on that too, because in our jobs we have to be thinking clearly, you know, and using good judgment, but also physically are you up to the task? I mean sometimes we have people that literally cannot even sit up on the edge of the bed alone, and then you see them walk out of here. And it’s just so gratifying to see someone working really hard, and then making progress, and really getting back to doing the things that they wanna do. Keeping the patients at the center of our care is the utmost goal. Of course having their loved ones and the support team around them be very involved is also critical. We invite patients to have their loved ones come in, participate even in therapy sessions. Our goals are to always make progress, day by day. Seven days a week we deliver therapy in order to really maximize the potential that each person has. I told the folks at Acute Rehab Center before I left, that they’re world changers. And this is a happy place. I got so many things to look forward to in life. Every day, there’s little victories. Life is great. (piano music)

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