Meet Wendy Street, F.N.P.-C, M.S.N. | UnityPoint Clinic® Urgent Care – Ankeny Medical Park

I’m Wendy Street, family nurse practitioner, UnityPoint Clinic Urgent Care. Growing up I was exposed to nursing at an early age. My grandma is a registered nurse and she always told the best stories about taking care of people in our hometown. So following that, I always knew that I kinda wanted to do something in healthcare and in high school I decided that working at the nursing home was a great option to explore that. So at the age of 16 I began taking care of residents in our local nursing home and just loved it and that led me to decide to become a registered nurse. I love to help people. I want to see people feel good about what they’re doing for them. I am an Urgent Care provider, so I take care of people that come in for acute visits, which means that they’ve been sick, maybe their illness began, maybe they have an injury, maybe they’re having chest pain. Sometimes we’re suturing up a kid. The next patient I might see may have a cold. Just kind of varies, and that’s what I love about it is that there’s no same patient. Everybody’s unique and has a unique experience that needs to be taken care of. What I love about UnityPoint is that I’ve been in an employee for over 17 years. We have the best available specialists, best available providers. From the receptionists that check you in to the nursing staff that take care of you, we make sure that you get the next step of care if you need it. We make sure that you’re taking care of while you’re well. And we’re always changing and always growing and trying to do what’s best for our patients. I’m a very approachable provider. I like honesty, openness. You know everybody comes from different backgrounds and sometimes it’s really hard for people to come in thinking that there’s some prejudgment about their condition or their concerns and I’m an open book. In my free time I love to spend time with my family. My husband of eight years is amazing and we have two fun kids and Honestly, we don’t really have any hobbies because we spend all of our time with our kids And we’re totally grateful that we’re able to do that. I’m Wendy Street and the Point of Unity is you.

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