Meet Waukee Family Medicine Physician April Kolb, DO | The Iowa Clinic

I was drawn to family practice because I
like to take care of people of all ages and it allows me the opportunity to make
long lasting relationships with my patients which I find really rewarding I
see all sorts of things across the board but I have a special interest in
osteopathic manipulative medicine or OMM OMM is using kind of a hands-on approach
to address issues and muscles bone alignment fashio to help alleviate both
chronic and acute pain and it helps the body kind of work together as a whole a
little bit more efficiently my philosophy on patient care is that my
relationship with the patient is really a equal partnership I think of it as my
job to give you all the tools that you need to make an informed medical
decision and then I’m there to support you in whatever you choose to do when
I’m not at work I like to spend time with my husband we like to hang out with
our family and friends we enjoy being outdoors so we like hiking and we both
were college swimmers so we like to swim for exercise well for people that don’t
know me might be surprised I have an identical twin sister yeah so if you see
someone that looks like me walking down the street and I don’t say hi it’s
probably not me if I wasn’t a physician I think I’d
probably be an interior designer I like using the art side of my brain and I
enjoy home improvement projects so I always thought that would be a fun thing
to do I think the most rewarding thing about my job is having the opportunity
to create long lasting relationships with my patients and be able to be
available to them especially when they’re in a time of need I hope that
patients after they see me they can walk away feeling just a little bit lighter
and better informed and knowing that there’s someone there for them and that
they can really be an advocate for their own care

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