Meet Wanda McEntyre, PhD; Rehabilitation Psychologist

My name is Dr. Wanda McEntyre and I’m a rehabilitation
psychologist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehab. I see a full range of
of patient types here at the medical center. My patient load includes patients who’ve had
traumatic brain injuries, strokes, spinal cord injuries and any chronic disabling condition
such as MS or Parkinson’s disease. My educational background was in the field of counseling
psychology, which is an area of psychology that emphasizes, helping individuals reach
their goals by identifying their strengths and their coping strategies. And so when I
was exploring what area I would want to work in, it just seemed like a very good match
with rehabilitation because that’s what that’s what the whole field of rehab is is helping
individuals reach their highest level of functioning despite disabling conditions. My care philosophy
is person first. I try to remember that every individual that I work with has a unique background
and past experiences that they bring to their coping with their chronic conditions and try
and remember that they are more than their diagnoses. The most rewarding part of my job
is has been the opportunities I’ve been given to work with some outstanding medical professionals
and therapists and the work that we do to help individuals you know, achieve their highest
level of functioning and achieve some quality of life after disabling conditions.

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