Meet Thomas Skalley, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with The Everett Clinic.

I’m doctor Thomas Skalley and I’m an orthopedic surgeon at The Everett Clinic. I grew up doing a lot of sports varsity sports through high school and college and I’ve
always been very interested in athletics and sports and been involved with
that all my life so it was kind of a natural career to combine that
interest in sports and athletics with a career in medicine. I originally grew up in
Everett and then been away at school, in training
for many years. I’m a fourth-generation Everett person so I had family in this area
and I love the area so I knew that I wanted to come back to this area to practice and when looking around the in area for a place to work the Clinic just stood out based on just the big, comprehensive approach. We have all specialties here and the physicians, the providers we have here the level of training is very high. It’s
really nice to work in that environment with
colleagues that are well-trained and take care of the patient from all aspects within the Clinic. The most common
surgeries that I do tend to involve the knee and foot and ankle. Knee surgery primarily knee arthroscopies which is probably most common surgery that I
do. I also do a lot of ACL reconstructions. As far as the foot and ankle, sports injuries
primarily achilles tendon repairs, ankle
arthroscopies, tendon repairs about the foot and ankle, foot injuries from sports and and some from just overuse injuries over time which are
more arthritic type injuries. That’s one of the advantages of seeing a sports medicine specialist who has an interest in orthopedics sports medicine practice is that we are able to get you back to playing and back to your previous level prior to the injury. One of the focuses of an orthopedic
surgeon who does take care of a lot of sport injuries is that you are trying to get them back up to
their prior level of sport.

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