100 thoughts on “Meet the Vashta Nerada | Silence In The Library | Doctor Who

  1. 9th doctor ‘fantastic’
    10th ‘allonsi’
    11th ‘ geronimo’
    12th ‘dont forget to subscribe to the official dr who youtube channel’
    13th ‘brilliant’

  2. I think what makes the Vashta Nerada so scary isn't what they do – it's the Doctor's reaction to them. He knows how to defeat pretty much every species in the universe, but his advice for escaping the Vashta Nerada is "Run… just run."

  3. I seriously hated Donna at moments like this. She’s being explained something in an extremely obvious way yet she doesnt understand it at all and starts acting like a sassy idiot and insults River

  4. There’s a picture of a wolf and a blonde girl in Cal’s house… that little detail is great and I love how they scattered rose around the season leading up to her coming back

  5. Fun fact: I'm afraid of the dark, or more accurately what's out in the dark that I can't see. Like most people afraid of the dark this episode should have TERRIFIED me, and made it harder for me to be in the dark. But funny enough, it did not. No what frightened me was that one creature from the episode where the doctor gets trapped on a shuttle with a bunch of people.

  6. Do you think that if they ever bring back the vasta nerada it would be a who done it murder mystery and as soon as the doctor figures it out he or she won’t say a word that guitar rif will play instead.

  7. He names two of his biggest enemies and tells you how to beat them. Then he says for the Vashta Nerada, you just run. That’s how you compare how deadly they are, right after a demonstration in miniature form. Really makes you think no one is going to live.

  8. I remember watching this when it aired along with the weeping angels episode. They both scared me so much that I began sleeping in the dark with no lamp so at least I wouldnt be paranoid and see death coming.

    Probably didnt help that my older brother impersonated a weepin angel soon after while i was in bed.

    Forever scared of shadows and blinking. Thanks Doc! XD

  9. With very little knowledge of the storyline or preparation, Alex Kingston manages to go full on River Song and this performance seems to flow seamlessly from her last one in Capaldi's era. I am in awe of both her and Moffat and I'll always consider Professor River Song one of the best and most memorable DW characters.

  10. I love donna so much!!!

    Clara is my favourite companion.

    But Donna is so sassy, funny, and epic. She is comedically honest, and awesome.

  11. In sorry but I hated Donna. She seemed so over the top and seemed like she tried to force her self into everything. That whole thing where she freaked out on River was completely nonsensical and uncalled for. I loved this episode just not Donna

  12. If I were in the doctor's place, I probably would have ended up flipping the box and holding the torch like super steady😂

  13. It's so sad how when 12 saw her last. She didn't know who he was until later.
    And then the last time she saw him, he didn't know her.

  14. You know.. I skipped all of Donna because I just couldn't find her likeable… But I never realized that River appeared this early.

  15. For fucks sake, SHE'S A TIME TRAVELER! The doctor meets her in the future, she came back in time! It's not that difficult a concept! Idiots!

  16. I'm sorry, but what River says about knowing the Doctor makes perfect sense. I like Donna and I was sad when she died, but sometimes I do think "Oh get your brain in gear girl."

  17. “Dalek, attack the stalk, Sontarans, attack the back of the neck. Vashta Nerata, Run.”

    Would a flamethrower suffice?

  18. The first time I saw this episode and Dr Moon said “the real world is lie and your nightmares are real” that sent chills down my spine😱

  19. I remember seeing this episode when it first aired when I was 10. I only just got over my fear of the dark and this 2 parter kept me scared of the dark for a little longer.

  20. They’re the third monster that scares me

    1. Clockwork robots I can’t be in the same room as a ticking clock coz that ep scarred me for life

    2 weeping angels they’re scary

    3 vashta narada

  21. Honestly Tue Vashta Nerada are super freaky to me, I always like say, "I'm not scared of the dark, I'm just scared of what's in the dark" and this. This is why.

  22. I love that even with all her knowledge from her life with and without 11, 10 can still teach her, show just how knowledgeable the doctor is

  23. I don’t think it should’ve been so hard for Donna to pick up on this. You’re a time traveler for goodness’ sakes. Figure it out!

  24. Omg Donna 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I loved her so much her exit was the saddest other than rose in my opinion.

  25. Honestly I think the vashta narada is the scariest doctor who villain. Just the way the doctor describes it. “They normally live off roadkill, but sometimes people go missing. Not everyone comes back from the dark.”
    That description is a terrifying way to explain a villain, and that they live on earth, but only in small clusters, I don’t know why, but that just seems so eerie to me.

  26. You know what's scary is that they claim that the vashta nerada are on Earth just we don't know it they could be real

  27. Is it bad that whenever it’s dark I literally say aloud:
    ”Hey, who turned out the lights?”
    Even if no one will understand the reference 😂

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