Meet The Nutritionist

Hello I’m Sarah Nicklay, Registered Dietitian
and food service manager in your dining hall. My goal is to make sure our students eat safe
and balanced meals. If you have a food allergy I would love to
meet with you to make sure you know about all of your options and to make sure we’re meeting
your needs. I am available for individual counseling for
all students to help you meet your specific goals. I also do education in the dining hall. Look for my samples and cooking classes in
the caf. I also love to get out of the caf! If you are part of a group that would like
to do a cooking class or nutrition program, just meet with me and we’ll come up with
an awesome event! Don’t forget to check out our website,
or our Dine On Campus app to see the complete menu with ingredients and nutrition information. Feel free to email me or stop by my office in the caf to say “hi” or to get any of your burning questions answered!

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