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  1. omg how have I never heard of this before?? I recently came to understand that I am an empath and was a little bummed but when I couldn't find any medical evidence of this.. guess MTS is just a fancier word for it! I can feel emotions and easily get overwhelmed in large social settings or in spaces with lots of people… I also can't stand anything violent like movies or videos without getting severe visceral reactions… so interesting to learn that lots of other beings have similar experiences.. I also believe that if we meditate more we can truly harness this power and heal one another from within <3

  2. 😳 wow, I’m not the only one. That’s crazy . I thought I was crazy . I have this but don’t know how to control it , sometimes . It’s emotionally and physically draining.

  3. I got told for a long time that I am just a Pisces which made me emotional, intuitive and also really feel music. It took until my early twenties to find out it was more complicated than that. A blessing and a curse I feel.

  4. I have a difficult time watching "fail" videos. Everytime they fall or get hurt, I have a physical jolt of electricity that runs through my body. As a kid (and still sometimes today), I used to have a difficult time watching movies with sharp objects (like fencing or swords) because it felt like my eyes were getting poked.

  5. Hmmm I wonder if when I watch a video and someone gets hurt if what I feel at the same second they are hurt is normal for everyone. When I see someone get hurt I get a jarring shock in my body. Does everyone or is that this thing?

  6. I was scared of this. I was just thinking about it today. How am I ever going to be a nurse when I feel everyone’s pain? Last week we went to the ER and the people in the room next to us cried out a very painful wail like they were losing someone that instant and I about bursted into tears. My bf has to talk to me so I couldn’t hear it but I couldn’t stop feeling drawn to their pain.

  7. I am so validated in what I’ve been saying for years about feeling others emotions. THIS is why I avoid being around so many people and negative people. I know all too well that electric tingle the nurse is explaining, that goes down the spine.

  8. I may have the one where you see sound as a colour – another channel (YT, not TV) did a test where they had a palette of colour an artist used to paint the sounds he heard. He used the primary colours and so had I (I was also going to pick out other colours he had also used. The odd thing is, I don't actually SEE it, but I know what colour I want to be there for the sounds I'm hearing.

    Anyone else got this?

  9. Wow, absolutely beautiful disease (lol) to have! GOD is soooo great! Very special gift! 🙏🙏🙏

  10. I have pain injured around my right chest but my dr and done X-ray, ct labs works they can not find anything. Can you tell me what wrong with me on my chest so I can find the right treatment for 🙏🏻😔-thanks

  11. I always thought my 14yr old was a hypochondriac but she just told me how she can feel the pain in her spine. I showed her this video after she told me that. So crazy. If anyone around was sick she would start having the same symptoms. Even when her teacher had knee surgery she wanted to go to the dr for knee pains. Now we know it’s whatever this is 🤯

  12. Wow I have aways visualized the number 3 as being blue too! but A for me is red, not yellow. Very interesting. I didn't know other people saw numbers as colors.

  13. Wow! So that's the official terminology for this. Dang! I have that with animals.

  14. I wonder if they can tell if people in comas and/or people on life support are still hearing and feeling. Or if they could help people with mystery illnesses get a diagnosis. So many potential uses!

  15. She should get out of the nursery & work the adult floors were half the people are in the hospital faking illness just to get drugs…..she'd be useful there

  16. Anybody read Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower?? In addition to predicting a lot of things that a are happening today, the main character has this EXACT condition, except she calls it hyperempathy

  17. I was waiting for a name for this I can truly tell you it is hard but it is a gift God gave me AMEN & GOD BLESS YOU GOD LOVE'S ALL

  18. This was nice! I feel people's energy not their mood. As a teenager I'd say I dislike someone but now I realise that that person is not nice or good.

  19. This happens to me I've been having dreams because this happens to me because when I visualize I kinda feel pain so I have dreams about pain I got stabbed with a sword felt like I was stabbed with a knife instead of a sword

  20. Yes I have that too. This Nurse should lean Pranic Healing. All that is in it. The spine thing, that's the kundalini, this gift can be honed and she is amazing to have it and cope with it. Well done girl. I find it handy to know when I have healed people. xxx

  21. Ok a lot of people are saying omg when i see someone with a broken leg i feel pain. That’s not a gift. It’s normal. Your body is having normal empathy so you understand and feel the pain. Empaths are just highly sensitive people. They have severe “empathy”. I heard people saying you feel energy’s. which i kinda think is bull. If someone would pass behind you and you never see them then you won’t feel energy. You have to look at them. And you pick up on how they feel. That’s that “energy”. When i see someone hurt or uncomfortable i feel the pain to bc im extremely empathetic and obviously if you’re an empathetic person in general than you can understand how they feel. It’s not really a super power or a gift. What she has is her brain sees pain and the chemical recreate the pain. It not an “energy” or her just being extremely emphatic and feeling the pain of another.

  22. Megan show was great though .I didn't know she had some thought provoking episode's until yesterday.

  23. I feel for her and understand exactly what she's going through. I've lived with it all my life. After a while, you feel so much from so many people that you "lose" yourself. When I feel people's emotions, it's like they are my own. My ex husband finally asked me one day "When do you get to be you?" Because when I feel these emotions, I almost "become" them. I believe my mother was like this. It's very draining and so I tend to stay away from larger groups of people.

  24. Man! I’m so glad she doesn’t work in the OB, ER, or in the surgical department!! Now, THAT would be painful!!! 😲

  25. Omg.
    I smell colours.
    Or should I say, that scents give me colours.
    Music also gives me physical feelings.
    Man. 🙂

  26. I cannot rewrite my post again. But at least Know I am not alone. I am a retired RN (50 years now). I know exactly what is being explained. I was questioned and could not justify what I said so many times. I had a primo nursing education..nothing left to experience or do. BUT…that did not explain all of what I felt. Once a neuro surgeon took me aside and grilled me about what my notes had related. I was unable to put it all in scientific/medical terms…but…he listened. He asked…where did you learn this ? How do you know this ? He was genuinely interested. In the end…he just believed me. He kept asking me why I kept diving deeper into my assessments of the patient. I said…because no one else did and somehow I saw things.

  27. At 1:32 , I realized that I am exactly like her. Every time I see old people or people with weak arms or legs, I get that exact feel. This weird sensation really freaks me out, and this showed me that im not alone. I asked my father about it and he said he knew the exact feeling.

  28. I am also an empath but the visual needs to be real and not fake (eg CGI or Special Fx) for me to feel someone else's pain. I think it has a lot to do with awareness. I also think everyone could have this ability but unfortunately the majority of the population are unkind, impatient and just want to make other peoples lives a living misery particularily since the spawn of social media and smartphones. While it can be overwhelming sometimes, I am very thankful I am one. REMEMBER: There are only two kinds of people in the world….. those who want to be left alone and those who won't leave you alone.

  29. I have this, my friend once was going throught a heart break and he didnt want to tell me and i said "did you break up with your gf?" and he was so creeped out and i tried it on more people i knew that where angry,sad etc etc.. and one of my friends was like "yooo u got that syndrome thingy" he was high on lean too xd

  30. Why do human beings always want to be over others. Empathy? Great. Pnesthesia, psychokeneesis, and all those might be lies.

  31. So interesting. One of my sons sees things as colors. Like, when he thinks of someone they have certain colors and letters have colors etc.

  32. t's more than the brain and nervous system, though. Modern science and psychology still have a rudimentary knowledge of the 'aura', the hidden bio-electromagnetic interface mechanism between the soul and body of every living thing. Blessings.

  33. it says in the bible we all have a gift. Unique and no can have the same exact gift 🙂 so cool! they definitely have a unique gift

  34. This is why I have a hard time watching certain movies or parts of documentaries. I can visualize it to my own body. It’s also why I have a phobia for hospital procedures including needles, IVs or surgery..
    According to my husband one positive of me being able to feel pain is that I’m very good at detecting sore muscles and knots 😂😂😂
    Even though it has its downsides I love being an empath ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Soo… could we say this is an example of humans who are capable of accessing/ using more than 10% of brain function? Hmmm. The science lover in me is very intrigued!

  36. This must be so hard to live with. I'm a super-sensitive, empathic person and I have to stay away from the news. People always tell me to be less oblivious and to actually learn about the crap in this world. I've gotten better, but it's still hard. it's amazing how this woman chose a job where she knew she would be in pain all the time. This is dedication.

  37. If only all nurses cared about their patients the way she does. Most of them are so overworked they couldn’t have less empathy.

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