Meet the new CEO at Del Sol Medical Center

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Del Sol
Medical Center is pleased to introduce it’s new Chief
Executive Officer, David Shimp. Mr. Shimp comes to El
Paso from Austin, Texas where for the past four years he served as Chief Operating Officer of the renowned St.
David’s Medical Center, a complex healthcare facility that is part of St. David’s HealthCare. He has led numerous strategic, clinical, and operational initiatives
not only in Austin but also with OU Medical Center, a three hospital healthcare
system associated with the University of
Oklahoma College of Medicine. – I am really excited about joining Las Palmas
Del Sol Healthcare and leading Del Sol Medical Center. It’s an honor to be able to join Don Karl and the entire Las Palmas Del
Sol Healthcare leadership team and serving the entire
community of El Paso. Along with our physicians,
our exceptional staff, we’re excited about being
able to continue that. – [Narrator] Building upon
the previous successes of Del Sol Medical Center, Mr. Shimp will help the hospital deliver the highest quality healthcare
and services for El Pasoans. – Las Palmas Del Sol
Healthcare has a fantastic and very rich legacy of
providing exceptional care to the entire El Paso community. El Paso is booming, isn’t it? Incredibly exciting time to
be a part of this community. – [Narrator] Please join
us in welcoming David Shimp to Del Sol Medical Center and to Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare.

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