Meet the Miliken Family | Memorial Hospital

– It’s pretty chaotic. The boys keep us on our toes. We’re constantly having to watch them. Go, go, go, all day long. – We have two little boys. They’re all over the place. In and out. Back there in the woods. Playing, getting ticks on them. – We just stay busy between
baseball and school. We’re always doing something. The boys were outside
playing with their dad. I was actually in the
kitchen cleaning up dinner. Older brother got a
hold of a baseball bat. – I didn’t see him coming and I swung. It hit him right in the eye. – [Ashley] It was scary. He hit the ground, his dad said. They came running inside. – They came up, there’s
blood coming out of his eye. I’m like we need stitches. We got to get to the
emergency room right now. – He was crying. Then I ran inside and I was crying too. – My husband had previously
been to the Memorial ER. We said let’s just take him there. Let’s see if they’ll see him. We called and they were like
of course we see children. We rushed there. It took 10 minutes to get there. We were in right away. It was the best experience
I’ve ever had at an ER. – Compared to the other
places I’ve been to it’s quicker, cleaner. It’s a more friendly environment. – There was only a few
people there because they were getting people
in and out very quickly. Everyone was friendly. It was put together and organized. – The doctor came in and
calmed everybody down. He was genuine, made you feel comfortable. – You would have thought that it was a full-on pediatric hospital. They just made him feel comfortable. They made us feel comfortable. He had never been to a hospital before. We didn’t know how he was gonna react. He did great, I mean great. I could not have been happier. – Memorial Emergency
Center in our neighborhood was right for us. – Go straight to the Memorial ER. I have told ever since then. Cause they asked where did you go? How did he do? I just let them know it was great, it was comfortable. It was quick. The staff was amazing.

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