Meet the Dominion Hospital Team

My name is Lee Higginbotham I have the
honor of being the CEO of Dominion hospital Dominion hospital is the only dedicated
Behavioral Health Hospital in Northern Virginia. We provide inpatient services for child
adolescent and adult as well as a specialized eating disorders center
called reflections. One of the things that we all notice is that it’s the
culture and the people it’s really the people that make up the culture in an
organization it’s so different here at Dominion hospital and it’s this dedication
to you know providing and being committed to remarkable care that I love most
about working at the hospital and being you know the leader of this organization
is a highlight of my career well Dominion was my first job right out
of grad school and what I’ve loved about Dominion is that I’ve been able to work
in all the different departments and I think I’ve learned more about mental
health than I ever could in a book and most of the time when we have a question
our directors or our supervisors have been in so many different parts of
mental health or just the medical field that you get not only in mental health
treatment education but also a lot of medical feedback so I think it’s just
been a really good all-over experience and our CEO probably would as heard me
say it I’m kind of a lifer so I’ll probably be here for a pretty long time
and as you can that’s recognition so I’m not going
anywhere we are a very team oriented in our practices interact very well with
different modalities in the hospital and different units and that’s very
important for the continuation of care for our parents our patients the people
here are great like the people that work here are you know talented and skilled
and it’s just it’s a great environment so I just I feel very lucky to get to it
I like that I love working at Dominion because of the people that work here I
have never met a more caring and dedicated committed group of people
everyone here really cares about what they do or prioritizes putting the
patient first it’s fun to come to work and and get to be with like-minded
people and also having been here for 25 years my colleagues throughout the
hospital have become not just work colleagues but people that I care about
deeply and we’ve all been through things in our lives over the years and it’s
nice to know that I have tremendous support both personally and
professionally well I really enjoy working with adolescents and I and I
love group work and so I think it’s kind of exciting to come in every day and
there’s always kind of a you know since that level of energy in the room you
know teaching them healthy coping skills and kind of seeing where they are you
know sometimes they’re not ready to make changes but when you see the adolescents
who are and you see them coming in they learn it they they make the changes and
then they are able to realize that they can build the cut to the type of life
that they want I think that’s what’s most rewarding for me why do I love
working at Dominion because I get to see lives changed
in psychiatry I think it’s something you either in love with a passion or you
don’t like it I think you have to have a passion for it and I’d like to see
children who are just off the chain out of control walk out of here right now
little thank-you notes and thank you for helping me control my anger or parents
and thank you for giving me my child back that’s why I get up every morning
still but the smile on my face eager to get here to make a positive
change in someone else’s life I have worked at Dominion for a long time at
this point and I’ve gone to other hospitals and I chose to come back I’m
one of the things that I think makes the Dominion a unique place to work is we
are a small Hospital my passion is behavioral health so for where I want to
be this is a great place to work because that’s all we do behavioral health 100%
of the time every day one of the challenges I have found working in a
medical hospital with behavioral health is you’re in a medical hospital that
then has behavioral health what we do here is we specialize in behavioral
health so everything we’re doing is to support the needs for people that have
mental disabilities mental illness or just struggling with living it makes me
proud to work here I also appreciate that there’s been so much trust of the
community it really speaks volumes to me to be able to know that I am working
with a team of people that are extremely caring and have consistently been
focused on I’m putting the patient first and
so many agencies that would that would trust us enough to be able to care for
their loved ones I loved Dominion because I am a true psych nurse to the
core of me I’ve been a second errs for over 22 years and it’s a population that
I just have a huge passion for I loved it seeing the improvements that people
make when they’re here at Dominion Dominion is small enough to feel like a
family and I watch the staff do the work that they do every day and it is just
truly touching to see the relationships that they make with our families and our
patients and the difference that they make in someone’s life when our patients
come in they’re truly in a dark spot and our staff have the ability to provide
hope and have a light at the end of a very dark tunnel for many people

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