Meet the Doc: Rahul Nayani, MD, MPH

My dad was a doctor, my grandfather was a doctor. My uncle, aunt, cousins – all of them are doctors. My name is Dr. Rahul Nayani. I’m with the Gastroenterology Department at Springfield Clinic. So I got to rotate with a gastroenterologist for one month and I like their lifestyle. I know it was very stress-free compared to like cardiology or critical care or anything. Doing the procedures part is also fun, yeah. I think the people contact part of the clinical side is very good. Every other day I have clinic. Every other day I have procedures, so I get the best of both worlds kind of. Usually a primary care physician is the one who refers patients to gastroenterology. The most common referral would be for a screening colonoscopy or if someone says like I have a history of polyps. I think I’m due for my next colonoscopy. That’s when we get contacted. After the procedure whenever we show the reports to the patients and I think the best thing they like is probably to hear we’re good for 10 years. So next time we see you it’s, yeah, after the procedure, just explaining it all to the patient and when they realize what was causing the symptoms and that makes a big difference in their life.

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