Meet The Doc: Ashely R. Moser, DO

I went to school initially in Iowa and
then moved to Kansas City for medical school and further training and stayed
in the area. I chose cardiology because it’s a very
diverse field. There’s also a lot of research that’s been done in cardiology
and so patients very typically do very well after a diagnosis. One of the things
I find most rewarding about my job is meeting a patient that is often quite
sick in the hospital and then getting to see them back in the clinic feeling a
lot better and moving on with their normal life. Women’s health, from a
cardiovascular perspective, can still be quite diverse. Often we see patients that
are dealing with something during pregnancy such as a high heart rate or
high blood pressure or an atypical presentation of a heart attack later in
life. I want patients to know that I’m here to take that burden of anxiety and
uncertainty over for them and make sure they get the best care possible. In my
free time I enjoy exercise and animals.

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