Meet the Davis Family – Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center

– My son, Richard, who’s three years old, ended up being a surprise cesarean. Being a first time mom, I
didn’t know what to expect. (calming music) I came and the care that I received here was just appreciated, it was
just, it felt like family. My husband was by my side the whole time. – I was a first time father
to be, I was scared straight. I was terrified. Of course, any man wants to
be superman, and the reality of it is you just don’t know
really what you’re doing. – It truly helped with the
nurses giving him information. – Even with the complications
she had with our first child they just, the nursing staff
was calm the whole time, the doctors were easy the
whole time, they kept her calm, they kept me relaxed,
which helped everything. – I’ve never had any kind of surgery. Now, being here, having a baby, number one, never done that before, and now you’re telling me
you have to cut me open, it was just surprise after
surprise after surprise. – A moment when I said I’m glad I’m here is when we had the baby,
and it was the first night and my wife was still under,
and I have a newborn baby, and I’m a dad, we don’t
know what we’re doing. And so nurses were
coming in round the clock to see about me, that was awesome. – We had to work for baby number two, because we wanted to
stay at this hospital. – It was kind of, wasn’t
a question at our house, where we were gonna
deliver, we were going back to Spotsylvania because
it was just a great place. – So this time I knew I
was having a baby girl, and we had already scheduled a ceasarean. I kinda expected a
certain level of treatment and knew it was going to come. My husband as well. – One of the things that got
me is when I walked in the room and they had already wrote our
daughters name on the board, her full name, first, middle, last name, and it was like, wow, it’s
like they pay attention to every detail here,
which just made it great. – It was amazing. My kids are, they’re everything to me and I’m so thankful for them. ‘Cause I think about the
relationship I have with my mom, and I looked at ’em and I
said, you gotta make me better. – I want to say thank you to
the people that work here, the people that serve here every day. You know, just that little bit of extra care goes a long way. – Absolutely come, Spotsylvania
Regional Medical Center is the place where
they’ll take care of you. It’s a place where it’s like family, and it’s gonna be a great experience.

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