Meet Stephanie, a patient of Dr. Nathan Bertoldo at Cache Valley Medical Group

– Hi, my name is Stephanie. I’m a patient of Dr. Nathan Bertoldo
from Cache Valley Hospital. So I live here in Logan
with my husband, Kevin. We have two kids, one, Sydney,
and she is three years old. And the other one, Riley,
she was born on Halloween, and she is four months old now. One thing I really liked about
being Dr. Bertoldo’s patient was he always listened to me. Anything that concerned
me or made me nervous or that I just wanted to talk about, he would always listen
to me and I felt like he really cared about how I was doing. So I felt like he was just very caring. Going to Cache Valley Medical Group was a great experience for me. The staff were always like very welcoming. When I get there, they
learned my name very quickly. They were very quick to get me in. I never had to wait which was nice because I also have a toddler. The doctor would be in very
quickly to see me as well. So very efficient and welcoming and just a good place to be I felt. When we went and actually had the baby the nurses were amazing. I felt good and happy. And knew that they were
going to take take care of me and it was all going to be good. And also just like the facility in itself. It seemed very cleaned and I felt very comfortable there all the time and everyone there just treated me like I was their only patient. Like I felt very important. I really liked being able to deliver and recover in the same room. We didn’t have to change
rooms or anything. It was all in one room
and I really liked that. If you’re a first-time mom looking for a doctor, an OBGYN or a hospital, I would recommend Dr. Bertoldo
at Cache Valley Hospital.

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