Meet Sebastian Strobel, MD, Ohio State gastroenterologist

My name is Sebastian Strobel. I’m working as an advanced endoscopist in
the Department of Gastroenterology at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. I became interested in medicine because my
interest was always broad and I was interested in biology, chemistry, but also in history. And so the best combination of all those interests
I found was medicine, as it combines basically all of those interests. I became interested in endoscopy as initially
I wanted to go into surgery but then I decided to go into internal medicine. And I think gastroenterology and especially
endoscopy is a great combination of surgery, as well as the broad field of internal medicine. You do procedures, minimally invasive basically
inside the patient and it’s a very growing field. During my career I learned that in patient
care the best way to approach it for me is like it’s one of my family members. So I only see them for a short time usually
at a clinic visit or during and after the endoscopy, but I try to feel what their needs
are and what their fears are especially. And I try to be as much personable as I can
and not take them as a case but take them as an individual and treat them as they would
be part of my family. Most rewarding for me in my job is talking
to the patient and taking care of the patient, talking to the families before and after the
procedure, establish a relationship with the patient and trying to understand their problems
and their needs, getting that happy smile when something went well in the procedure
or the understanding when you have to bring bad news to the patient and there’s sympathy,
I think that’s the most rewarding of my job.

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