Meet Scott Schaaf, DO, an orthopedic surgeon with The Everett Clinic.

My name is Scott Schaaf and I’m an orthopedic surgeon. Ever since I had surgery when I was in kid strangely
enough I think I was enthralled by all the lights and action around surgery
and I came out and decided I wanted to be a surgeon too. Well, what I like about orthopedics is
that I have in a way a primary-care feel to it. I see people from the time of
the injury or from the time they are diagnosed with arthritis until they’re
better or until we’re as far as we can get in
treatment. So it’s not that I just operate on people and send
them on their merry way I actually get to help diagnose. I get to help conservatively treat their pain. I get to perform surgery if that is something
that will help them and then I get to walk them through a rehab process. So I develop a long-term relationship
with many patients. I have patients now that I’ve been
seeing for almost 15 years and they still come back and see me. So I
like being able to have that best both worlds: the technical side of surgery and as well as the relationship side of meeting people and getting to know them over a course of time. What inspires me about my patients is been able to see the total, vast, variety of people that come in
from very different walks of life. And I always find it there something
interesting about them, no matter where they come from, what their
background is, who they are. There’s always something about them and
what it’s taught me is that basically people are people. We’re all the same, a little bit different
in certain ways, but all of us have same interests. We want to be healthy, we want to be pain-free, we want to be liked, you know we want to be happy and that’s what inspires me about
patients is trying to find out that little bit of each person that just makes them unique.

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