Meet Sara Rahman, MD, a Internal Medicine physician with The Everett Clinic.

My name is doctor Sara Rahman and I work at the Stanwood Clinic. I
am a doctor of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. I think one thing that’s
interesting about me is that I’m actually from this area. I
actually graduated from Stanwood High and after many years I’ve relocated back.
It’s so fun and interesting to come back and be
part of the community and be a provider within the community. I did always know I wanted to be a
doctor. For me, it truly was a calling. And as I got further into my studies it just reconfirmed when I already knew
that I wanted to work with not only adults, but geriatric
adults. I had two wonderful grandparents and I think they served as role models. I made such an impact on me when I was younger that when I then
did my rotations in Internal Medicine one of things
that we had to do was do a rotation at the VA (Veteran’s Administration). Both my grandfathers were Navy
veterans. And so a number of these patients that I would see they would just really remind me of my
grandparents. So I then just felt so comfortable I just knew that that’s where my
callings was. Every day I can show up and really change someone’s life for the better. That I can really step in as an outsider and help them through
whatever situation they’re going through at the time. I think what inspires me about my
patients is that I learn from them every day. They keep me on my toes. They make me laugh. They make me cry. All in the context of working with them and being there
for them and to me that’s such a a special relationship that is very hard to find
anywhere else. One thing that’s unique about me is I
actually have three board certifications. I’m board certified in Internal Medicine and
board certified in geriatric medicine and I’m also board certified in hospice and
palliative medicine. And I’ve been able to use all three of those certifications to build my fund of knowledge over time and
then bring and pull from that on a daily basis to help patients. I think that being able to bring that to The Stanwood Clinic is just very exciting for me.

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