Meet Ross VanNorman, Physician Assistant in Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine

My name is Ross VanNorman. I’m a Physician Assistant, and I work in the Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine division of The Oregon Clinic. My specialties are COPD and asthma, as well as in Sleep Medicine doing sleep apnea and insomnia. My care or treatment philosophy is just to listen to everybody as individuals. I know that we’re all kind of unique in our own way, and try and let the patient do as much talking as possible because that will lead me down the path of what they need for–in order to make them feel better. I really like my specialty because in Pulmonary there’s
just a wide range of different diseases that we look at and treat, and then sleep medicine
is really rewarding because it’s really great to get somebody a good night’s sleep. You
really see it in their face and their energy level, and it’s a really high-reward type field. If I was not a provider here at The Oregon Clinic, I would probably end up being a paramedic. It’s what I was before I went to Physician Assistant school and employed here at The Oregon Clinic, and I really enjoyed that as well. My hobbies or interests outside of the office include biking and running. I also have a small child, so we go to the park a lot, we do a lot of hiking, a lot of sports activities.

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