Meet Rajeev Fernando, M.D. | UnityPoint Clinic® Cardiology – Methodist Plaza

My name is Rajeev Fernando I’m a cardiologist at the UnityPoint Clinic. From very early on, I was inspired by my mother who Is a zoology teacher so I participated in several dissections with her. Early in my career I decided to do medicine and My special interests were diseases that involve the heart and the pathophysiology Associated with it. So I did my medical school in India, St. John’s Medical College, one of the premier institutions in India I then moved to the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Texas. I stayed there for cardiovascular disease fellowship. I moved to Loyola University Medical Center for a year of Cardiac, MRI and CT Training. From there, I moved to the University of Louisville where I was associate professor of medicine and cardiology and director of cardiovascular MRI research. I’m a cardiologist, but I have special interests in cardiovascular imaging. Cardiovascular imaging is a specialty that involves imaging of the heart, so if you could use colleague ultrasound MRI, CT or Other modalities. So we look at the heart and see its function, if the valves are okay, If there’s any diseases in the pericardium like muscles of Thrombi, which is basically blood clots. That’s what we do in cardiovascular imaging. So I chose UnityPoint Clinic in Des Moines, Iowa because I believe we have excellent leadership, great team members wonderful insulated staff and the mission of the program as the center of the patient. My approach to medicine is a holistic approach. I compartmentalize my approach in two things. One the disease process itself, understanding the discrete process and the best management directive tackle it. Number two understanding the person and the problems they may have and how we can resolve them as well. I also believe in team based approach. I consider myself and the patient to be partners Directed to a common goal. That’s to make the patient better. My patients can expect to get into the office very quickly. I will get a detailed history and physical examination. I will discuss the possible differential diagnosis. We will sit together and discuss the options for management. As a Team, we will make decisions on how to continue healthcare And we will follow through on that on each visit to get you to where you should be: healthy patients. I’m Dr. Fernando and the point of Unity is You.

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