Meet Rachel Mathew, APRN-CNP, Cardiology | Ascension Oklahoma

I’m Rachel Mathew. I’m one of the nurse practitioners with cardiology. I’m the Structural Heart Clinic Coordinator
and I’ve been with St. John’s for the last eight years. I was with pediatric cardiology when I first
started so I like the kids and then once I came to the US there was not any specific
pediatric cardiology here so I just moved on with adult cardiology. And I like cardiology, it’s a very clean … I
don’t know, to me it’s a very clean, very … I don’t know. It’s a beautiful field of medicine. After the initial visit they sort of know
that I know what I’m talking, so then that’s where my patients say “Oh, you explained it
so well.” And I say “This is what I do day in and day
out.” And so sort of then I say “You know, I’m here
from the start of this process till you get taken care of, this is the same face you will
see.” And so I’ll give them the card and I’ll say
“Any time you have any problem.” So that relationship starts there. And I don’t know somehow they … I think
the genuine feelings come out and they feel like they can trust me. I feel I’m blessed because my structural heart
team, the docs that I have an the team that we have I think we are a very good group. Yeah. And my patients they feel like it’s a family. So they feel I am part of the family because
each one goes through it’s like my child going through the process so it’s like a lot of
emotional investment in the process. So if something happens to them then we also
get affected by it so it’s a lot of emotional investment, too. It’s not just a patient through the system. It’s like your family member going through
the system.

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