Meet Pulmonologist Katrina Steiling, MD

My name is Katie Steiling. I’m a
pulmonologist and an assistant professor of medicine. I helped oversee the lung
cancer screening program and I’ve been here on faculty for eight years. So I
focus on the treatment and care of patients with lung nodules, lung cancer,
and other smoking induced diseases like COPD. My interest in pulmonary medicine
was sparked by many of the patients that I saw when I was a medical resident on
rotation in the pulmonary clinics. Many of them had used to be smokers and had
lung nodules or lung cancer and really troubled by those findings and so I was
inspired to go into pulmonary medicine to help future patients like them. The
number one thing I love about my job is the patients that I care for here at BMC.
One of the other things I really love about my job is the interaction with my
colleagues, it’s really a great team of providers at Boston Medical Center. I
enjoy hiking, I enjoy traveling, and I enjoy finding new restaurants especially the
hidden gems in neighborhoods.

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