Meet Our Pediatricians – Harrison Street Clinic – Boys Town Pediatrics

Hi, my name is Heidi Johnson. I’m Debra Whaley. I’m Dr. Mara Paradis. My name is Kelli Shidler, I’m a pediatrician,
I’m one of the pediatricians with Boys Town Pediatrics. I think the most rewarding part of being a
pediatrician is the ability to help parents soothe their baby and treat illnesses. To go from a screaming baby with an ear infection,
you know, diagnosing it, treating it and the next day they feel better. I like building that relationship with families
as their kids are growing up, making it so parents can trust me during those well-visits. To be able to help these families through
their acute illnesses, sometimes their chronic illnesses, their behavioral challenges they’ll
face throughout the years, to me, that’s a real privilege. It always feels good to make kids feel better. Sometimes kids will bring in pictures that
they drew or some little thank you notes and it makes us feel great. Kid are unique as they are very innocent and
kind of a clean slate. They’re healthy from birth and we can teach
them healthy habits to help them grow into healthy adults as well. We work really, really well as a team. I’m very proud of that. I enjoy working with my partners, nurses and
staff here. We care about the child and we care about
the entire family. We want to see that family be a thriving,
healthy, happy unit. We’re here to help accomplish that.

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