Meet our Doc: Maya Bunik, MD, Child Health Clinic

I spend part of my time running the
clinic and interacting with residents and students and people who are enthusiastic
about learning – a great team of people who really care about these families. And
then I also do a little bit of research. And then thirdly, I get to see patients for
part of those days, and so I think I have really the best job because I have all
three parts of it. When the baby comes it’s a dramatic change for them, and I
really like being there in the mix of trying to help them through probably
the most difficult month that they’ll have of raising their child. I feel like
I get to set the tone for them. I get to support them. Feeding is so closely tied to a
mom’s happiness and progress and seeing her baby grow. I have three children and I
think the best part of motherhood for me was being able to breastfeed my children.
Other people can take care of your baby but no one can really provide breast
milk. So I really want people to have that, too, and so that’s sort of a big
part of why I do the work that I do.

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