Meet Our Doc: Kyle Rove, MD, Urology

Everyone comes to work every day to
try to help patients, to try to push the boundary of how can we improve the care
for the child that’s in front of me. Whether that’s through research, whether
that’s through safety programs, through any sort of accommodation that might be
needed in clinic. All these sorts of things impressed me when I came around
and really made me want to come here to join the team. It’s a privilege to
come in and take care of patients who are in need of care.
It’s especially humbling when you realize that you have someone else’s
child and that you need to take as best care you can for that patient that’s in
front of you. It’s a big responsibility and I think it’s something that we
strive to rise to every time. I’ve come to really appreciate being sort of on
the pediatric side of things, being able to take care of children who have
congenital anomalies and things like that. It’s very fulfilling to see them
improve with our therapies and our surgeries, and really change
their lives for the better.

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