Meet Our Doc: Duncan Wilcox, MD, Urology

I really enjoy coming to work and seeing
children I really like going to clinic I really
enjoy the interactions with families I like to just talk to the child as much
as possible the interactions between me and the child even from a very young age
children sadly are born with congenital problems
and in pediatric urology we get the opportunity to identify these problems
and then fix them so that from come and go on and live as
normal a normal life a lot of these patients I i am able to
develop a relationship with them it’s not like you can see me once and then
that’s the end of it I really wanted to do well and that will keep going into they do well.
were it’s incredibly satisfying to see a family come back and the child is in
underwear I no longer in diapers I’ve got my big
boy underwear on now and that is a very exciting for them and of course for us

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