Meet orthopedic surgeon Anne Sullivan | Ohio State Medical Center

I’m Dr. Anne Sullivan. I’m a general
orthopedic surgeon, and I work in our Department of Orthopedics at Ohio State
University. I also take care of orthopedic infections so I take care of
a variety of problems and have a little bit of a subspecialty as well. I like to
think of myself as the person who takes care of some of the unusual problems and maybe some of the very challenging problems that present to our medical
center. So I chose orthopedics kind of because it shows me. It’s always been
something I’ve been interested in, and I didn’t even necessarily know what it was
called but the study of the body and how it moves and the involved structures has
always been fascinating for me and things just kind of evolved and
that’s where I ended up. When I take care of a patient, I like to think of my style
as being a little bit informal in that I think it’s easier for a patient to be
comfortable if their physician is more relaxed appearing and acting. I also
like to think of myself as the patient in the sense of how would I feel in
this situation and how would I want people to treat me and try to respond
accordingly. And sometimes that’s different for different patients. Some
patients prefer a little more familiar and some patients prefer things to be a
little more formal, but I like to think of taking care of the problem the
patient has in terms of how I would want someone to take care of that problem for
me. In orthopedics, our patients don’t necessarily come back to see us for
their yearly visit because we hope that they’re done and don’t need us anymore. I
love seeing my patients. I really enjoy them, but it’s wonderful if someone calls
and says, “I don’t need to come back for this appointment because I’m doing a
whole lot better and I’ll call you if I need anything.” it’s also fun when they
come back and say, “Hey, I’m doing great. This is what I’ve been able to do,” and
they’ve gone on a vacation or something like that that they weren’t able to do
before we took care of them. I like to hear that my patients are doing well.
It’s really rewarding to take care of some challenging problems and then
actually see the patients be able to improve.

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